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+IPOL reviews, uses, publishes and distributes some software provided by
+the authors. With the requirements and recommendations expressed in
+these guidelines, we intend to facilitate the production and review of
+verifiable and usable software for reproducible research.
+[[!toc levels=2]]
+# In Brief: Check List, Check Service and Examples
+The list hereafter is a summary of the guidelines, to quickly check a
+program. Some are requirements, others are only recommendations.
+This document details and explains the guidelines later.
+-   zip or tar/gzip archive `name_version.{zip,tar.gz,tgz}`
+-   everything into a `name_version/` folder
+-   file names with `a-z`,`A-Z`,`0-9`,`-`,`_`,`.`
+-   no hidden file, backup or useless file, no binary
+-   portable code, 32/64-bits, nothing specific to an operating system
+-   command-line non-interactive interface
+-   approx. 30 s computation in the demo environment
+-   copyright attribution and GPL/BSD license info in every source file
+-   patent warning if needed
+-   `README.txt` essential information
+-   correct, clean code in English
+-   `main()`, algorithmic and auxiliary code in different files
+-   detailed comments for every function and every implementation step
+-   example input data and result
+# About this Document
+## Status
+This document is the official IPOL Software Guidelines, version
+1.04, published on May 14th, 2018. It is immediately applicable
+and obsoletes previous versions. The reference version is available
+at <https://tools.ipol.im/wiki/ref/software_guidelines/>.
+## Revisions
+When needed, future versions of this document will be published and will
+replace the current version. The current version will still be
+available, with a summary of the differences. This revision will be
+announced on [the IPOL website](http://www.ipol.im/) and [the IPOL
+discussion list](http://tools.ipol.im/mailman/listinfo/discuss).
+Changes from version 1.02:
+-    Removed restrictions regarding exclusive use of C code.
+-    Changed restrictions on the size of uploaded files.
+## Vocabulary
+These guidelines are designed for a research journal whose articles
+include some software material. They are written for IPOL, but may be
+used by others.
+In this document, the term "published software" designates
+the reference software implementation of an algorithm submitted for
+publication in a journal article. The "web demo" is an online facility
+used to test this software. An article **may** contain more than one
+software, and a demo **may** use more than one software.
+In this document, the words **must**, **must not**, **should**,
+**should not**, **recommended**, and **may** are used to express
+required, recommended, and optional
+items. [IETF RFC2119](http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc2119) describes
+their interpretation, and Annex A adds details in the context of these
+## License
+This document is licensed under a
+[CC-BY License](http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/). It can
+be freely reused and modified as long as its origin is
+credited. Modified versions must be mentioned as such and not
+misrepresented as the original IPOL version.
+# Guidelines
+## 1. Packaging and Content
+### 1.1. Compressed Archive
+A published software **must** be packaged as a compressed archive
+file. This file archive can either be a single volume .ZIP compressed
+archive or a GZIP compressed tar archive[^tar]. In the remainder
+of this document, we will use the terms "zip archive" and "tar/gzip
+archive" for convenience.
+[^tar]: These file formats are defined by [the PKZIP APPNOTE
+    specification](http://www.pkware.com/documents/casestudies/APPNOTE.TXT),
+    version 6.3.2, for the .ZIP compressed archive format, [the IETF
+    RFC1952](http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc1952) for the GZIP compressed
+    format, and [the POSIX.1 ustar
+    definition](http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/utilities/pax.html#tag_20_92_13_06)
+    for the tar archive format.
+Annex B of this document provides some examples of programs that can
+be used to produce such compressed archives.
+### 1.2. Archive Name, Program Name and Version
+The compressed archive file of a published software **must** be named
+according to the `name_version.extension` pattern, where:
+-   `name` and `version` **must** consist only of lower case letters
+    (`a-z`), digits (`0-9`), minus (`-`) and period (`.`) signs;
+-   `name` **must** indicate the name of the program; this name can
+    be the name of the executable program file, or another name, at the
+    author's will;
+-   `version` **must** start with a digit; it **must** indicate a
+    version number for the program, in the sense that two different
+    releases of the program **must** have two different version numbers;
+    if no version numbering scheme is established for the program, the
+    `YYYYMMDD` pattern based on the year, month and day of the release
+    date **may** be used;
+-   `extension` **must** be `zip` for zip archives and `tar.gz` or `tgz`
+    for tar/gzip archives.
+### 1.3. File and Folder Names
+All the files and folders extracted from the compressed archive **must**
+be located inside a base folder named `name_version`, where `name` and
+`version` are identical to those used for the compressed archive file
+name. Absolute path **must not** be used for files and folders extracted
+from the archive.
+The name of all files and folders composing the published software
+**must** consist only of lower or upper case letters (`a-z`, `A-Z`),
+digits (`0-9`), minus (`-`), underscore (`_`) and period (`.`)
+signs. They **should** start with a letter.
+The names **should** provide a meaningful hint of the content of these
+files and folders.
+### 1.4. Hidden and Useless Files
+A published software **should not** include hidden files or folders or
+by-products of the tools used by the authors, such as (but not limited
+-   files inserted by file managers (`.DS_Store`, `.directory`);
+-   folders inserted by version control managers (`.svn`, `.git`);
+-   backup versions (`filename~`, `filename.bak`).
+The software **should not** be distributed with files not useful to
+build, use or study the implementation of the algorithm published in
+the journal.
+## 2. Implementation
+### 2.1. Source Code
+A published software **must** include all the material necessary to
+build one or more executable program files implementing the algorithm
+published in the journal. This material **must** be provided in
+human-readable source code form. A published software **must not** be
+distributed with binary precompiled files if these files can be
+obtained from source code[^bin].
+[^bin]: If the authors want to distribute binary versions, they can do it
+    in the journal as supplementary material but not via the
+    compressed archive of the published software covered by these
+    guidelines.
+Annex C provides some information for the authors to help them
+perform some frequent implementation tasks.
+### 2.2. Programming Language
+The source code of a published software **must** follow the published
+standard syntax of one or more programming languages. 
+### 2.3. Portability
+The source code of a published software **must not** require any
+extension of the language or its standard library, or any resource