[IPOL discuss] original files, filenames in templates and make -j [Fwd: Re: Questions publication Ipol LSD]

rafael grompone von gioi grompone at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Thu Dec 9 14:52:37 CET 2010

> I decided to delete the original images in the new demo system because
> some users upload HUGE files (5-10Mb), whose size gets even bigger on
> the disk once we convert the original file format (unknown, usually
> JPEG) to lossless PNG. I didn't see the point of keeping them and
> using disk space[1] while only a downsized version was processed.
> I will try to change it and keep the original files as
> input_0_orig.png, input_1_orig.png, ..., but the long-term
> availability of these files will depend on the disk space issues.
> [1] especially multiple backup disk space, and CPU time and network
> bandwidth for backup sync

I would like to keep the actual original file, and not a
copy of the original image in other format.
Can't we just save the file, with its original name?
We can add a symbolic link to it with a standard name,
something like "input_0_orig", so then  in the archive
page we can use that link to be able to refer to it
in the web page.

In this way, the files are not that big, we keep it in
case it is interesting, and we have the original version.

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