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José Luis Lisani joseluis.lisani at uib.es
Fri Aug 19 15:27:26 CEST 2011

Hi all,

just a few remarks

> MathJax
> -------
> Lots of external solutions exist, based on images[2] or
> javascript[3]. The best of these solutions is probably MathJax, due to
> its large browser support and strong academic backing. I think it is
> possible to write an ikiwiki plugin to correctly handle TeX formulas
> for rendering with MathJax, and a very partial result is available
> here
>      http://dev.ipol.im/~nil/tmp/ipol/rendering/iki_mathjax/
> to be compared with the current situation
>      http://dev.ipol.im/~nil/tmp/ipol/rendering/iki_teximg/
> Note that the ikiwiki directive syntax will still be needed, something
> like,
>      [[!tex "-\Delta_du(i,j)=F(i,j)"]]
> because the MathJax needs '$' delimitors to recognize TeX, and the
> markdown syntax used for the IPOL documents will not let these '$'
> appear like that.

I tried these links and didn't work

> PDF vs HTML as an output format
> -------------------------------
> TeX has 2 avantages: high-quality typesetting and very good
> penetration in the community.
> Indeed, we could receive articles as a LaTeX files and attachments,
> produce a PDF, and distribute this PDF file. This file vould look
> good, would be storeable, printable and shareable, and would be not
> different from all the other journals. But a PDF file only contain
> text and images[4], so I want to make a list of the things we won't be
> able to do in TeX/PDF files:
> * No more attached files, like the source code. The source code can be
>    available from the web page, but the authors loose the possibility
>    to present the attached files like they want, and have some comments
>    and explanations next to the download links. This applies to any
>    attached file, datasets, compiled code.
> * No more source code documentation in the article. Here again, it can
>    be made available with the source code on the web page, but not from
>    the article PDF file.
> * No more videos. No sound (I know some people are thinking about
>    sound proicessing algorithms).
> * No more "galleries" (multiple superposed images).
> * No more "optional sections" (show/hide parts).
> * No more thumbnail images linkes to the full-resolution version.
> * Difficult to have reliable links between the PDF article and the
>    demo and archive www pages.
> * Probably other things too...

But all this extra information (attachements, source code, video, 
galleries, etc) could be
linked from within the PDF document, no?

I've created a very simple example (is a very basic pdf, but I think all the
basic ideas are there). Please check it at:


the sources (tex, images and other stuff) is here:

José Luis

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