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Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
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I received this announcement of a new Springer journal JSERD. This
journal is not about image processing, but it may be interesting for
authors also publishing in IPOL, because:

* JSERD is interested in software matters
* JSERD publishes software articles and reviews
* JSERD is Open Access

-> http://www.jserd.com/

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Subject: Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development - Submit to the new open access journal
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Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development - now open 
for submissions

Dear Dr. Limare,

We would like to invite you to *submit *your next research article 
to the *Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development 
(JSERD). *

Published by *Springer*, JSERD is one of the *newest *titles in the 
growing *SpringerOpen* portfolio of *fully open access* journals.

The aim of *JSERD* is to inform the readers about *state of the art 
of software engineering* by publishing high quality papers that 
represent results of consolidated research and innovations in 
software engineering and related areas.

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Gain global exposure with open access publishing

By *publishing *in an *open access* journal you'll ensure that your 
work is *freely available online* and *accessible to a global 

*SpringerOpen* maintains a *rigorous peer review system*, so 
readers know they can trust all SpringerOpen content, and authors 
get the *high visibility *you'd expect from publishing with 

If you would like to *profit *from these *benefits*, *submit* your 
next manuscript to JSERD *online*.

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Benefit from your institution's open access membership

Please note that JSERD requests an *article processing charge (APC) 
*for each manuscript accepted after peer review. 
The *APC *is essential to *ensure *that the journal remains *free 
of charge **for readers *everywhere.

If your institution participates in Springer's and BioMed Central's 
*Open Access Membership Program* *you may not have to pay the APC 
at all.*

The program currently has *over 400 members* in *48 countries*. 

Visit *SpringerOpen* to see if your article is covered by the 

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We look forward to reading your work!

Kind regards,

 >   *Itana Maria de Souza Gimenes*

*Andre van der Hoek*

*Claudia Werner*


Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development



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 - *Editorial board*

 - *Submit online*

 - *Article alerts*


Society affiliations


*JSERD *is sponsored by the *Brazilian Computer Society (SBC)* and 
their *Special Committee on Software Engineering (SBC:CEES).*


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