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Fixed typo in link to mt git repository
[swg 103] add links to compliant examples
[swg] draft for 1.03
swg 103 start draft
add matlab code example
(force recompilation of markdown, again)
Force markdown update of
yet another minor edit
minor edit
creating tag page tag/admin/server/blue
creating tag page tag/admin/server/black
creating tag page tag/admin/server/aqua
creating tag page tag/admin/server/gray
creating tag page tag/admin/server/mwhost
capitalize first words in an index
mark inline place with html comments
[software_guidelines] put inline back
[software_guidelines] remove inline altogether
[software_guidelines] add fuller path to !inline
[ipol-swg] fix typo on an URL
xxx_axpb in doc/example
Update system requirements according to the software guidelines
better info on shared git repos
add time limits
ulimit help
updated axpb
new io_png
fix link
new LaTeX class (0.4.3)
add missing io_png source
fix link
single source
reworked manuscript guidelines
don't need user/pwd
full link with user/pwd
user/pwd in link
static files
renamed verbose tuto
refactored templates doc
use latest latex class
timeout and web safety
+volume info
completed demo guidelines
6 weeks delay for authors
workshop warnings and redirections
use the workshop_ prefix
fix filename
creating tag page tag/git
user dem, passwords, and multi-layer proxying
@reboot crontab
wiki links
creating tag page tag/essential
creating tag page tag/for-editors
creating tag page tag/code
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heavy refactoring
* new "doc" section, ionstead of author/editor
* archived old pages
* updated old information
restore unmodified guidelines
changes merged into the PDF style guide
optional low-res