[IPOL discuss] run your demos on the dev server

Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Sat Apr 30 11:56:41 CEST 2011


> Jose-Luis found a bug: You should not upload your local binaries to
> the server (32 bit binaries won't run, there may be library
> inconsistencies, ...).
> To fix it the rsync comand must be modified to exclude the app/*/bin
> folders.

I corrected the documentation. The good rsync options are is

    rsync -avz --delete -e ssh ./ fuchsia:~/ipol/demo/ \
    --exclude=app/*/tmp/ --exclude=app/*/bin/ --exclude=app/*/dl/ \
    --exclude=.git --delete-excluded

With these options, the source and binaries will always be
re-downloaded and compiled every time you update your demos.
-> http://tools.ipol.im/wiki/editor/demo/run_on_dev_server/#index4h2

Nicolas LIMARE - CMLA - ENS Cachan    http://www.cmla.ens-cachan.fr/~limare/
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