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Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Mon Aug 22 13:11:44 CEST 2011

> But all this extra information (attachements, source code, video,
> galleries, etc) could be
> linked from within the PDF document, no?

Yes, it is possible and hyperlinks are well supported in LaTeX and
PDF, but this implies that the article is split, with one part (text
and simple images) in the PDF document and exerything else
(interaction, multiple files, rich media) on the IPOL web site.

I'm afraid this mode of publication will have a poor usability,
because we will only download, share, print and archive the PDF with
only one part of the article, not all the content. But if we want a
high-quality typesetting, the only colution in our hands is
.tex->pdfLaTeX->.pdf, so we will have to set all the non-printable
content aside anyway.

The other problem is link rot: URL do change over time, and within 5
or 10 years, you can be sure IPOL addresses will change, for a good
reason we don't know yet. In that case, the PDF is crippled because
all the links it contains are broken, and there is no way to access
the non-printable content. A solution could be to register a
"component DOI" for every item linked from the PDF, and require the
authors to use these DOIs in their links.

"component DOIs" (or whatever they are called) are identifiers
attached to parts of a publication: data, tables, ... They come with
a stable URL, and the tools to maintain it even if the real address of
these files changes. They are defined in the DOI spec, they are
supported by our DOI registrar (crossref), and their registration cost
is epsilon (0.06€/DOI).

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