[IPOL discuss] Question about demos python code

Pascal Monasse monasse at imagine.enpc.fr
Thu May 5 09:56:21 CEST 2011

Hi IPOL editors,

In the app.py file of demos, the method result is inherited from app_base and 
should be
	def result(self, public=None):
1) Almost all demos forget this parameter 'public', so this is a warning in 
pylint. Demos are required to be clean of any pylint warning...
2) The few demos that include this parameter are from Pascal Getreuer, but 
they do not use this parameter in any way. Pascal, or anyone else, do you know 
what is the role of this parameter?
3) In my demos, I need an extra parameter for the method result, indicating if 
the algorithm failed. How do I do that without getting a warning from pylint 
because the parameters are not the same as in the base method ?


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