[IPOL discuss] temporary interruption of the dev.ipol.im server

Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Tue May 10 16:13:35 CEST 2011

> Finally, the server will be stopped today around 14:00. It should be
> back online one hour later, maybe two.

The server has been moved and restarted, everything is running. You
may have to restart your demos on this machine because they are not
automatically restarted when the server boots.

By thew way, I customized the error message: instead of an obscure
"502 Bad Gateway" error message, the page now says:

"The web demo interface you expected to find here is not available.
Please contact its developer/maintainer. They should be able to
restart it. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

Hopefully the machine should be stable now.

Nicolas LIMARE - CMLA - ENS Cachan    http://www.cmla.ens-cachan.fr/~limare/
IPOL - image processing on line                          http://www.ipol.im/
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