[IPOL discuss] a development server in Uruguay? your opinion matters

Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Sun May 22 03:33:59 CEST 2011

> [...] we intend to buy a new machine but then comes a crucial
> question: where to host it? [...] we found a possibility in
> Universidad de la Republica, Uruguay.
> The inconvenient is the network location. On the network map, Uruguay
> is far from Europe, and we would all feel the distance:
> * bandwidth: data seems to be transferred at 300kB/s between Paris
>   and Montevideo
> * latency: a packet of information needs 300ms to travel from Paris to
>   Montevideo

This is changing.

Since thunrsday, the ping (time it takes for a packet to be sent and
an acknowledgement received) between our fuchsia server (ENS network)
and various machines in Montevideo (www.universidad.edu.uy and
www.fing.edu.uy) has dropped from 300ms to 150ms.
-> http://tools.ipol.im/munin/ipol/fuchsia-multiping_ext.html

We get different timings from our green server (ENS netwoek, CMLA
subnet), even if the packets follow the exact same route; I can't
understand why.

But the routing is changing. Now packets from Cachan to Japan jump
directly from Amsterdam to Tokyo without taking the long western road
(via USA) they used last week.

Nicolas LIMARE - CMLA - ENS Cachan    http://www.cmla.ens-cachan.fr/~limare/
IPOL - image processing on line                          http://www.ipol.im/
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