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Nicolas Limare nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr
Wed Nov 7 15:49:46 CET 2012

Dear everyone,

It is my great pleasure to announce, today, that every article
published in IPOL in 2012 has been published in PDF or converted from
HTML to PDF. I want to thank all the authors who collaborated for this
conversion, and Rafael and Pascal who helped on LaTeX and videos.

This new format results in better looking articles, easy to edit and
copyedit and easy to save, print and share. It will probably also help
for the recognition of IPOL as a research journal. And with the
manuscript as a single PDF file, we can now manage the review process
with the OJS journal manager.

The next milestone is, of course... to convert the 2011 article
too. There are 19 HTML articles there, and I will gradually contact
the authors to proceed with the conversion and copyediting. If you
want to start the conversion earlier, please let me know, I can
prepare a quick and rough LaTeX document from the HTML page, to start

By the way, if you are writing a new IPOL paper, have a look at the
Manuscript Guidelines[1] for a few formatting rules. You can also
anticipate on the copyediting steps, and prepare the LaTeX source and
images as axpected for the final document[2].

[1] https://tools.ipol.im/wiki/ref/manuscript_guidelines/
[2] https://tools.ipol.im/wiki/ref/copyedit_instructions/

Meanwhile, I'll work now on the article metadata and their insertion
in academic databases.

Nicolas LIMARE - CMLA - ENS Cachan         http://limare.perso.math.cnrs.fr/
IPOL - image processing on line                          http://www.ipol.im/
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