Input Formats

The IPOL online demonstrations accept a wide range of standard image file format, including the common BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PNM, and TIFF.

The images uploaded by the demo users internally converted to the file format required by the demonstration program. The demonstration results are then converted, usually to PNG, for embedding into the web pages.

Input Images Restrictions

Usage of the IPOL on line demonstration is freely available for the research community. However, some restrictions apply to the images you can upload.


IPOL users must only upload images for which

  • no copyright applies (public domain), or
  • they own the copyright (personal photos) and allow redistribution, or
  • the copyright owner explicitly allows derivative works and redistribution for free without restrictions.

You can find such images with the Creative Commons search engine, using the Google Image, Flickr or Wikimedia sources. The authorization to "modify, adapt, or build upon" is required, but the authorization to "use for commercial purposes" is not.

For example, there are

Personal Data

IPOL users must not upload images of human beings if the persons displayed in the images

  • are not mentally healthy, or
  • did not explictly give their written consent.

We suggest the users to only upload photos of themselves.

Illegal Content

French law applies to the content uploaded to IPOL and redistributed. No illegal image must be uploaded to IPOL. This includes counterfeiting, defamation, pornography, apology of crimes against humanity, apology and incitement to terrorism and negationism.

A Posteriori Archive Moderation

To ensure a fluent process, the IPOL archives are moderated a posteriori.

If you notice any unsuitable content, please inform IPOL by mail at tech at to request the removal of this content. In the request mail indicate the URL of the demo and the key of the archive entry to be removed.