The editor should perform the following checks before accepting the article. In the case that some of the items do not pass the check the editor should notify the authors ans start a new revision round.


  • Test personally the online demo on proposed input images and see if the parameters are understandable, with reasonable bounds, and if short and transparent usage indications are given to the users.
  • Verify that the experiments in the figures and tables of the article are well specified and are reproducible with the demo.
  • Encourage the author to avoid an excessive number of parameters on the online demo.
  • Check with the author if image credits are given and authorizations obtained for the input images proposed on the demo.


  • Completely re-read the PDF document and ask for improvements of the language and presentation wherever possible. Any correction is possible if it benefits the reader without altering the scientific content.
  • Verify that the title and abstract reflect the final article content.
  • Verify that the author information (names, institutional mail address, organization) is correct.
  • Verify that pseudocodes are consistent and complete.
  • Verify the spelling of the article, using American English (color, neighbor, ...). When in doubt, refer to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Note that technical terms (denoising, ...) won't be in dictionaries.
  • Verify that proper acknowledgment has been done to grant and funding organizations.
  • Verify that references are up to date and complete (including DOI for articles and ISSN for books). Verify that related IPOL articles have been adequately cited.
  • Remove reference links from the abstract (this abstract will be reused in other environments without the reference list like web page and metadata).
  • Ask for rephrasing of sentences where reference numbers are used like nouns. For example, "in [23]" should be replaced by "in the paper by Smith et al. [23]" (or similar). "Martin shows in [7] that" should be replaced by "Martin [7] shows that" (or similar).
  • Verify that there is an unnumbered "Image Credits" section just before the bibliographic references, and that it indicates the origin and license of every image used in the article.
  • Check that every figure and table has a caption. All figures and tables must also be referenced in the text, independently of their legend, and redundancy of both texts is allowed.
  • Check that every reference in the References section is cited in the text.