[IPOL discuss] run your demos on the dev server

José Luis Lisani joseluis.lisani at uib.es
Thu Apr 14 10:23:58 CEST 2011

> Jose-Luis, Pascal M: the demo update method changed; please setup your
> demos using this new method, and I will close your demotest
> instances. Use these port numbers: Jose-Luis: 8085, Pascal: 8086
It's done, I modifyed my demo.conf at fuchsia.
But there is stil a problem:
I see a list of my demos when connecting to

but when I click on any of the links I get the message '404 not found'

I tried to stop, build and start again the demo server, but I get the 
same message.
Any ideas?

(By the way, the scripts start.sh and stop.sh are not in my ~/demo/utils 
folder, but there
is a ~/demo.sh with start|stop|restart|status options. Do I need to 
update these files or
it is OK?)

Thank you,
José Luis

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