[IPOL discuss] publishing a new demo (abmh_real_time_morphological_snakes_algorithm)

Juan Cardelino juan.cardelino at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 18:11:29 CEST 2011

Hola Agustín,
          I have a couple of comments more. One of the things I found
difficult while looking at IPOL demos is the navigation. Supose that
you are looking to the wiki page and you go to the demo, run it, but
now you have some doubts about the result or the meaning of a
parameter. It is really hard to go back to the wiki page, or to the
archive. In this sense, the original version (the one running on the
older url (megawave something)) of this demo had some nice navigation
buttons to go back to the wiki. Shouldn't we use this interface for
every demo? It is good for the user to have a comfortable and common
interface in all the demos.
Did you remove that on purpose?

Regarding the initial points, it works fine now. The parameters value
are exactly what I thought, I think it is better this way.

By the way, how is your demo generator going? Maybe I missed some
mails about it, but is it working?


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