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Daniel Kondermann daniel.kondermann at iwr.uni-heidelberg.de
Mon Feb 6 09:40:39 CET 2012


We use CImg and vigra a lot in our project (ads intended):

We are constantly drifting from vigra to CImg and vice versa and I would
love to get an idea what other libraries off and have in mind.

I would also like to invite myself ;)
charon-suite which is *not* an image processing library but a framework
for image processing algorithm development. Examples are optical flow:

This seems to be a slightly different topic though and I don't want to
be too much offtopic ;)


Am 04.02.2012 18:00, schrieb David Tschumperlé:
> 2012/2/4 Nicolas Limare <nicolas.limare at cmla.ens-cachan.fr>
>>> This is a very good idea. Nicolas, could you put up a list of
>>> experts of these projects to invite?
>> I wrote a first list of libraries in the IPOL wiki,
>> -> http://tools.ipol.im/wiki/misc/imglib_presentations/
>> I will try to identify local speakers. Please add your own favourite
>> library, or any library you would like to hear about.
> Just some other suggestions :
> Near Paris, you also have the PINK library, developed at ESIEE :
> http://www.esiee.fr/~coupriem/pinktutorial/
> VIGRA is another very interesting IP library, but from Germany :
> http://hci.iwr.uni-heidelberg.de/vigra/
> Pandore is another IP library developed in our lab (GREYC / Caen) :
> http://www.greyc.ensicaen.fr/~regis/Pandore/
> This is not the first time we think about having a kind of workshop
> dedicated to IP libraries and toolboxes. I really think the topic is
> interesting and broad enough to make such a workshop very interesting. I
> support the idea !
> David.
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