[IPOL discuss] Convocation to IPOL's anual editorial board meeting, december 1st, Tuesday, 2 p.m.-5 p.m.

Jean-Michel Morel moreljeanmichel at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 14:45:26 CET 2020

Dear all,

By principle all authors of at least one IPOL article can participate to
our editorial board. I am sending this to the various IPOL lists, but I
would be grateful if José Luis prepared a list of authors, so we can
forward to them all the call.
The program of this editorial board is important for the future, as we
shall actually redefine in part IPOL and the way papers are processed and
It is not to be excluded that a second meeting will  be held in January to
finalize decisions taken in December and vote on them.
The tentative program is the following, but it will be updated by your
suggestions henceforth:

-quick report on IPOL statistics: number of published articles, citation
numbers, online execution numbers, downloads
-review of all current submitted papers (this the classic goal of an
editorial board, so if you are editor of at least one paper, please be
present or send a short report on the state of the publications you are in
charge of)
-decision about authorizing IPOL publications in the form of notebooks
-future development of IPOL towards AI, taking into account that we got a 4
years grant to develop a much more interactive tool where archives will be
managed dynamically and ML algorithms compared
-discussion of ways to speed up publications by a (large) factor.
-recruitment of a "whip"


Jean-Michel Morel
moreljeanmichel at gmail.com
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